Here's a few of the projects I've been working on:

Dashboards Built with R & Shiny

COVID-19 Cases per Capita in Calgary

While I've seen a number of heatmaps published by the government's websites with COVID-19 cases, I couldn't find one with per-capita cases (which corrects for population density within a region), so I made my own.

Garden Weather (Degree Days)

During our first summer in Calgary we had very little luck in our garden. To understand whether this was a one-time event, I used degree days to measure the cumulative heat we recieved.

Dashboards Built with PowerBI

Public Fruit Trees in Calgary

The City of Calgary publishes their tree inventory, of planted trees on public land, online. I thought it would be interesting to have a view of the trees with edible fruit or nuts to identify urban foraging opportunities.

Abandoned Mines in Northern Ontario

Looking for interesting places for photography one day, I found a listing of abandoned mine-sites in Northern Ontario. I put together an interactive map, which shows the details for each mine site and makes it easier to explore the data and see what's nearby.